Continuing Education

Biotech custom orthotics Nova Scotia Biotech Orthotic Design Inc. offers “Continuing Education Meetings” on site on an ongoing basis. Generally 6 to 12 clinicians from various fields of expertise join us for these meetings. We encourage and enjoy the diverse thoughts and views that are shared on many topics. If you would like to be added to our email list we are happy to send you an invitation to future meetings.

Here is a sample of some of our previous presentations:

Credibility, Accountability & Quality of Care
Verifying Orthoses Design & Posting after Fabrication
Getting the Best Out of Your Lab
Foot Orthotic Assessment, Shoe Fitting and Cast Evaluation
Introduction to Orthotic Design
Continuing Training Session VII Definitions, Footwear & Modifications
Continuing Training Session VIII CEM IX Definitions, Pedorthic Review- Muscles & Soft Tissues, Skin
CEM VIII -Definitions, Anatomy and Gait Assessment
Orthoses Design Clinical Assessment Overview


A Comparison of Different Casting Methods
Posting Article  

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