President’s Message

Dear Colleague I am excited to tell you about our company! Biotech was opened in 1999 and sits in the heart of the Maritimes. We focus our energy on providing customproducts and services by increasing efficiency on turn around times, adjustments and technical support. Biotech knows its customers. Along with utilizing our proven product line, clinicians have the opportunity to implement creative and interesting ideas for the more challenging patient needs. We are equipped to handle the simplest to most extreme foot orthoses. I am proud to inform you that Biotech is BAPFOL certified, a prestigious facility accreditation provided through the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association. To date there are less than 50 such designations throughout North America. We invite you to utilize all of our diverse orthotic and pedorthic services available to you and your patient. We look forward to the opportunity to have you visit our facility. Sincerely, A. Brian Stoodley, C Ped. Tech (C), C. Ped (C) Diploma in Orthopaedic Technology President                                                   

To serve You better, we have put our order forms online.
Biotech is a BAPFOL accredited facility through The Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association. Learn More