Dynamic Runner

G-Force Runner-05

Top Cover
Latex Free Proform EVA for cushion shock absorption and durability.

 Top Cover Mid-Layer:
The multi divided variable density mid-layer uniquely and independently addresses the rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot->


Poron Medical Urethane Slow Recovery for increased shock absorption at heel strike.

Poron Medical Urethane for cushioning.

Dynatene for dynamic rebounding aiding propulsive phase of gait.

TL Silver, Fiber Glass Thermoplastic Composite Material which consists of two layers of plain weave, glass fabric with a silver resin, and acrylic core. This material is thin and rigid reducing bulk while supporting and stabilizing during increased ground force activity. Note this 2.3mm shell may be too rigid for lighter patients.

EVA with 3mm Nora SL shock absorbing cushioned heel lift.

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