About Custom Sandals


Biotech Custom Sandals are made from your plaster, foam or fiberglass foot impressions. The negative supplied, is poured to create a plaster positive. The cast is then extended distally for toe shape, balanced, expanded and arch filled to ensure patient compliance. Plaster modification suggestions based on individual patients are welcome but not mandatory. Thermocork is vacuum pressed (molded) to the positive cast.

We grind the footbeds by hand to the requested specification. High medial and lateral flanges are incorporated for functional control while the forefoot is thinned to required flexibility or stiffness. Any accommodations such as metatarsal bars, pads, heel lifts or cushions are attached to the footbed temporarily for a check fit. At this point the sandal is shipped to your clinic for a test fit. The patient can stand on the sandals while various land marks are made to aid in fit and finishing. This gives the clinician an custom-sandals-Halifaxopportunity to fine tune the fit with the patients input while adjustments can be simply made.

The sandal is returned to the lab for any requested adjustments and can be finished or returned for another check fit, at your discretion.This process allows us to accommodate severe cases of Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction, Forefoot Abduction / Adduction, Hallux Valgus, Trauma, Obesity, Foot Deformities and Sizing Abnormalities.Flanges, Clips, heel height, accommodative plugs, intrinsic heel cushion, sole selection and plaster modifications are just a few of the many options available to you and your patient.



Custom sandals MilanoThese sandals are often prescribed as a year round house shoe due to their therapeutic value. They are available in the traditional two strap (Arizona) three strap (Milano) and (Florida, black only) styles. We offer genuine Birkenstock uppers in black, brown and cocoa Nubuk. For the more challenging fittings, hand cut uppers are also available with extended straps, modified upper configurations and various leather selections.

We take great pride in this unique product. Both function and cosmetic value are unsurpassed. Working closely with our clinicians, understanding and fine tuning our custom footwear working relationship, proves positive for everyone concerned.

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