Rocker Sole Apex

A rocker sole rocks the foot from heel strike to toe off without bending the footwear and can be helpful in unloading plantar pressure, as well as reducing ankle and metatarsal phalangeal joint (MTPJ) motion.
Our experience doing rocker sole modifications has lead us to understand how the rocker sole apex position affects gait and the goal of the overall treatment plan for effectiveness and comfort to the patient.

ApexBioTeipsTraditionally the sole apex is centered at the 1st and 5th MTPJ’s (Early Rocker) this shortens stride length, aids in propulsion at toe off and decreases the need for ankle motion. This is particularly effective for limited ankle motion and unloading metatarsal heads.

In contrast, if the apex of the rocker sole is moved slightly more distal (Late Rocker) centered at the 1st and 5th MTPJ’s it does not shorten the stride length or create the sensation of falling forward as the early rocker can. The change in gait is minimal. This rocker apex position works well for Hallux Limitus or Rigidus when limited ankle motion is not an issue.

bioTip Alert!
Land marking new footwear at the 1st and 5th MTPJ’s and indicating “Early” or “Late” rocker helps us understand your goal and the appropriate position of the rocker apex to optimize effectiveness and comfort. Using just one traditional (Early) position treatment may be under utilizing effective available options.

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