For Good Measure

What simple orthotic measurements can I supply the Lab?
Supplying measurements of a previous pair with your orthotic order is an effective method of ensuring your patient’s final product incorporates certain specifics that be lost or changed with the many variables of capturing a negative cast impression.


To measure the arch height of an orthotic place a ruler flat on the table against the highest point (apex) of the medial arch.


To measure the lateral arch height, place the ruler on the table against the lateral aspect of the shell at the midfoot for your reading.

Posterior Aspect 

This method can also be used at the posterior aspect of the orthotic for an overall height reading. It’s important to note this is not an accurate means of measuring heel lifts or heel cup depth.

To ensure accurate measurements be sure to account for any extra you may have on the end of your ruler. In the lab we grind the end off to zero making them easier to use, we would be happy to do the same for you if you send one along.

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