A Good Looking Rocker!

A Double Rocker Sole is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing rocker shoe modification available. It appears as two rockers, one at the rear-foot and one at the forefoot. It is lighter in weight, appears less bulky, effectively aids gait and interestingly enough is seldom specifically requested.


Indications for a double rocker sole can include, Hallux Limitus or Rigidus, limited ankle range of motion, Calcaneal ulcers or fractures and mid foot prominences associated with a Charcot foot.

Double Rocker Sole Features

Rocker heel

  • Decreases heel-strike forces on the calcaneus
  • Decreases the need for ankle motion

Mid foot grind out

  • Reduces vertical ground reaction forces to the mid foot
  • Reduces bulk for better appearance
  • Reduces weight
  • Creates a heel that can help with grip

Forefoot Rocker

  • Decreases the need for ankle motion
  • Decreases the need for MTPJ dorsiflexion
  • Unloads metatarsal heads
  • Aids propulsion at toe off

Consider requesting a double rocker sole as an effective treatment option that will be well received by your patients.

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