Pes Cavus

Pes Cavus Orthotics

Our unique Pes Cavus Tri-lam design results in a flexible medial longitudinal arch, strong lateral column and a high impact core. The strategic combination provides the shock absorption and gentle support needed for the high arched foot without creating additional inversion, typical to the supinated foot type.

The medial arch is medium duromter EVA, the lateral arch is a firm EVA while the superior shell layer is a soft EVA that aids in shock absorption as well as create a naturally shaped intrinsic heel cushion.


Reduces inversion tendencies with an integrated firm lateral column post
Provides adjustable MLA support via plantar arch fill underskive
Excellent shock absorption
Natural intrinsic heel cushion
Increases plantar contact reducing PSI
Light weight
Minimal bulk increases patient compliance with better shoe fit

Consider the truly unique “Pes Cavus” orthotic as an option the next time you encounter this challenging foot type! If you would like a sample of this innovative orthosis please contact us.

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